FLOW: A Grant Program for The Port

Cambridge, Massachusettes USA
Cambridge Arts

Cambridge Arts, the official arts agency for the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, invites all individuals, collaborative groups, youth, organizations, businesses, artists, or schools who have an idea for a community-building public project that places arts in a central role to submit a proposal to a one-time grant program serving The Port neighborhood of Cambridge.

FLOW: A Grant Program for The Port is designed to build community strength through the integration of arts and other sectors engaged in the public realm. $300,000 in total funding is available through percent-for-art funds attached to The Port Infrastructure Construction Project being conducted by the City from 2016 to 2021. Multiple projects will be selected through this one-time grant program. All projects will be implemented between 2017 and 2021.

Why is it called “FLOW”? “Flow” carries several meanings that relate to the mission of the grant program: (1) The Charles River used to reach the edge of The Port, and the grant program is linked to the City’s effort to mitigate or reduce flooding in the area; (2) The word “flow” relates to the passage of time – the rich history of The Port, its character in the present, and its growth and vision for the future; (3) “Flow” is a word used in the creative arts, in education, and in the field of psychology to refer to the positive psychological and emotional state when one is intensely focused and immersed in an activity and experiencing a sense of complete fulfillment, sometimes referred to as being “in the zone.”