Contact Information
This includes email address, your website address (if applicable), phone number, and where you reside (City, State.) Unless specified otherwise, your email and website will be listed on your ad, and your phone number and location will be listed in the index. If you DO NOT have a website we will list email and phone number on your page(s).

All images for Blink are provided by the artists. These can be images of your artwork, or a finished project of your artwork in a space. This is your opportunity to showcase your best work! All images submitted must look or be professional. If we feel your photos are not print-worthy we will contact you to resubmit or send alternative images.

All photographs for your promotion will be submitted via a free, easy and safe file sharing site. After submitting your registration form you will receive a Dropbox Invitation from the Blink Team. All images for the publication must be 300 dpi and at least 2000 pixels in width.

Art Files Accepted: eps, tiff, jpeg, and pdf

Copy (copy on your ad is optional)
Copy will be provided by the artist and edited by us. We will provide a proof of the edited copy, along with your promotion, to be approved by you prior to printing. We suggest a good balance of professional and personal within your copy. Designers and their clients will be more interested in your technique, inspiration, and past clients worth noting, rather than resume or biography style writing (ie; where and what you studied.