Designing a Sensual Space

February 10, 2017

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While Valentine’s Day decor is bold and covered with x’s and o’s, this doesn’t have to be the only way a space can emit passion and romance. We’ve selected 5 tips on designing a sensual space that will last year round.

“A sensual home is one that is relaxing and comfortable. It is inviting, welcoming, with an air of sophistication and maturity. A sensual home is one where your client’s feel they have an escape from the day’s chaos.” – Freshhome

Soothing Colors

Romance is at its best when we’re living in the moment, right? Set the mood with a spa-like color palette including pastels and muted tones – it’s the perfect relaxation agent for your romantic escape! The neutrality of these colors is soft and inviting, a trademark of modern elegance. Avoid bold colors, like red which inspire activity and energy, in favor of colors on the more neutral end of the color spectrum. The peaceful feeling that ensues will calm a busy mind, allowing everyday stress to float away and make room for romantic thoughts.

candida von braun
Click image to see more of Candida von Braun’s work.

More work that works with this palette: 

Figurative surreal oil painitng art for sale - black and white painting of a women underwater with rblue veil and water reflections - hand made artwork - giclee canvas print available
Karina Llergo
leslie Ebert
Click image to see more of Leslie Ebert’s work.

More artwork we love with this design: 

Stan Johnston

David Swope

Seductive Textures

You want your clients to see soft first, then experience it. It’s what makes high-end hospitality design successful. If the beds don’t look comfortable and inviting online, then there is no way people would book a night’s stay. The same concept applies to residential design. Outfit the room with bedding that’s plush and a size too big. The exaggerated state of the fabric will exude comfort and give the room a high-end feel.

Georgia N
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More artwork we love with this design:

Cindy Avroch

oil on canvas
Lynne Pell

Lighting for Love

Ultimately, lighting is key because is serves as an essential everyday use and placement is key. Typically, the main point of light comes from a ceiling fixture, but this light is usually bold and bright. To soften the room add a mixture of side-table reading lamps of a floor lamp with a low wattage bulb to create an illuminating glow. Low, indirect light helps to relax the mind.

Cathy Locke_Orchid Duo
Click image to see more of Cathy Locke’s work.

Frank Satogata

Karen Rolfes

Candles are a great low budget way to incorporate a soft, warm light into your design. This is an easy way to immediately create a sensual space. Place a few candles in a lantern to add a touch of glam and more layered interest to your romantic lighting display. The quiet beauty of flickering candlelight is an irresistible aspect of design in sensual spaces.

Click image to see more of Fran Carlisle’s work.

Allen Teger

Daniel Sroka

Noise Elimination

Eliminate the tv and swap out for a piece of artwork. A sensual space is a place where your clients are looking to get away from a hectic day and electronics amplify distractions. Nowadays, most homes have multiple tv rooms, so when redesigning a client’s space convert one of those into a relaxation room and upgrade the tv with a tranquil piece of art.

kent walsh
Click image to see more of Kent Walsh’s work.

Filomena de Andrade Booth

Jonas Gerard

Fabrics are a great way to absorb surrounding noise. To help dampen sound, incorporate long, heavy curtains and a large area rug. For the bedroom, we love plush headboards.  Headboards have the tendency to be attention hogs, but don’t let them steal all your design spotlight.  Incorporate paired artwork above each side table for a balanced design that radiates from the central focus point.

maxine orange
Click image to see more of Maxine Orange’s work.

Tanya Ragir

Simplicity is Key

When designing a space meant for relaxation and comfort, don’t over-design. We see this all the time in design with an excess of trinkets. There are too many miscellaneous serving platters that serve no purpose, fake fruit that is forgotten, and decorative balls collecting dust. To achieve a sensual design clutter should be removed from the room.

beau wild
Click image to see more of Beau Wild’s work.

More work we love with this look:

Lila Bacon

Lisa Schuster

We’re all about love! In-house it seems to be nothing but love with recent marriages, baby announcements, and new engagements! There must be something in our water, and we can’t help but be inspired by it all! So what do you think when you think ‘romantic design?’