What are the benefits of looking at this site for opportunities? 

A constantly updated database of opportunities compiled from a wide variety of web pages bringing you the one stop shop for searching for opportunity.


Where does the information come from? 

We gather and post opportunities from various websites and compile the list.


How do I apply to an opportunity? 

Not through Blink Art Resource.  Each opportunity has its own unique set of guidelines.  Click ‘see full prospectus’ to visit the webpage for the opportunity you are interested in.


Where do I change my password?

Use the initial login information that was provided to you and log into your account here: blinkartresource.com/wp-admin.

Then, scroll down to “Account Management” and click “Generate Password.” Type in your new password and be sure to save these changes by clicking “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page.


Do I need to fill out the profile I see when I login at /wp-admin?

Nope! No, one else can see it, there’s no social/community function here, the login is just to give access to the password protected page


Is the login case sensitive?

Yes, the artist opportunities login in case sensitive, so be sure to check if your caps lock is on.


In the future, what do I do if my login isn’t working?

Check to make sure that the caps lock is NOT on. If it still isn’t working, please email sara@blinkartresource.com to resolve the issue.


*Blink Art Resource does not receive any monetary compensation for the promotion of these opportunities. These opportunities are presented with an “at will” understanding and cannot verify the legitimacy of each one. Should you see an opportunity that does not reflect the standards we provide for our artists, please notify Maxwell@adcfineart.com.