How I Did It Bette Ridgeway

 The Art of Resiliency: How I came back stronger after life’s greatest challenge

I was a single mother and for many years juggled career, home and children. When I look back I wonder HOW I ever managed it. I figured that if I could handle the challenges of that time, I could handle anything.

Then life threw another challenge at me – cancer, five years ago. Now that was a bit daunting. Thoughts of how would it affect my career and my life consumed me. The worry was heavy on my heart and mind. However, with the help of family, friends and healers I reached deep inside and saw that I alone had the choice to move forward and actively participate in the healing process. I focused on life AFTER cancer. I quit the fight, allowed the illness in and received the lessons I needed to learn, and then said “goodbye”. I truly believe we sometimes put too much energy into fighting things.  

I certainly don’t mean to minimize this challenge, but it was a critical point in my career. I can attest to the fact that the entire cancer process was a tremendous opportunity to get my head straight. I painted through my cancer and welcomed the light back into my life. Whether poured on canvas, infused onto metal or clear acrylic panels, the Layering of Light is driven by the way colors interact with light on each surface.

For years, my work was in The Guild Sourcebook, which is no longer distributed. Now through the remarkable opportunities offered by Art Design Consultants and Blink Art Resource my art is exposed to the right markets and it is selling! My body of work is a unique expression of my journey and it strengthens me to be sharing my art with the top designers and clients around the nation.

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