How I Did It Brian Goodman

 The Art of the Image: How I find beauty in the everyday

I’ve always had a passion for photography. It all started at the age of 9 when my father gave me my first Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I often say that I have an incurable disease, and it starts behind a lens. I look at the world through the frame I see in my mind’s eye. Everywhere I go, I am moved by the light, colors and textures that surround me and cannot resist the urge to capture them.

Major life changes have always driven me to conquer the next challenge. Living in a foreign country as a teenager, the loss of my parents at a young age, and living with a family member with a mental illness are just a few of the difficulties I have faced through the years. Because of the chaos in my life, as well as the struggles of the world around me, I have felt the need to create photography that allows me to remove myself and others who view the images from life’s hardships, if only for a moment. 

The images in my current series, the “Solace of Space,” are not what you would expect to see from a typical photograph. Using a variety of techniques, I transform these photos into images that transcend reality to bring the viewer into a realm of wonder and beauty.

Art Design Consultants (ADC) and Blink Art Resource have created a platform to showcase my work to an incredible breadth of people I could have never reached by myself. The best part is the phone calls from strangers who find something meaningful in my work. The calming but rejuvenating nature of my images easily resonates with them, and then suddenly they are no longer strangers.

The recognition of my art has been extremely encouraging, and the exposure has opened new opportunities for me as an artist. My first large commission from Blink came right after the publication was distributed in April, and I had the honor of working with ADC on the prestigious GE Aviation project to outfit the executive suites and the CEO’s office. I can’t wait to see where my photography ends up next!

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