How I Did Lisa Schuster

The Art of Conquering: How my greatest success is confidence

Having been the Chief Designer in my family’s art production company in the 90s, I had the great fortune to work with countless mediums, surfaces, styles and techniques. You name it – there was always something new to learn! But I knew I had to get out on my own.

I faced many challenges during this process of discovering myself as an independent artist separate from my family’s company, but the first I faced was answering the simplest question what did I want to paint? After I decided on oil as the medium and large-format abstracts I began to paint. As I went through the creative process and promotion of my work, I found the hardest challenge was my shyness. Large crowds of strangers seemed suffocating and conjured an arresting silence from me. I was terrible during interviews and would classify myself as the world’s worst sales person!

Which is why my involvement with Art Design Consultants (ADC) and Blink Art Resource have been critical to my art career. I have worked with ADC for six years, and because of their positive and nurturing spirit I have been able to try out different looks, palettes, and sizes to see what works. Through their rock star staff I have sold tens of thousands of dollars of my art! Also, my participation in Blink was a step out on my own where now I am taking on the responsibility of working directly with designers, which has resulted in a large four-panel commission for a corporate lobby.

This success is thrilling and validating as an artist, and because of this I overcame my crushing shyness! I am now more confident when talking about my work. Also, it gives me “street cred” as I continue to establish myself as an artist and showcase in new galleries across the country

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