How I Did It Lori Katz

The Art of the Looking Forward: How I’m taking the next steps in my career

Working with stoneware presents challenges in the medium itself. With clay there are structural issues; different clay bodies aren’t always compatible with each other, pieces can crack during construction and sometimes during firing. There are times when engineering a piece (how to put the pieces together, how it will be hung…) has to be worked out before I can move from an idea or sketch pad to the work table.

Focusing on these issues involves a creative resolve, but doesn’t really allow for time to sit and think what’s next for me. Blink Art Resource has put my artwork in front of designers who would have otherwise not seen my work.  This promotion and success has greatly impacted my art career in ways I never dreamed it would.  I moved beyond the everyday tasks my art required of me and looked to the future. Now I can’t stop thinking BIG. 

Literally! I’m working on larger pieces than I have ever created before. I’m thinking about sizable corporate settings and residential installations. Blink has been a great exposure opportunity and a catalyst for me to define what I want out of the next stage in my career.