How I Did It Marti Leroux

The Art of the Brand: How my art is an extension of me

I began my art career as a pet portrait artist and though it brought me incredible joy to make my clients so happy, something was still left to be desired. I wanted to be free to create on my own terms. I knew I had to follow my heart and explore larger abstract formats. With tremendous trepidation, I left portraiture behind me and pursued my ambition wholeheartedly to establish a new brand for myself as an artist. But taking this risk came with a whole new set of questions. How would I get my next commission? Where would my next paycheck come from?

I knew I really wanted to have an impact and make people feel good while in their homes and office spaces. Also, to improve the quality of their lives by creating an atmosphere of comfort, love and elegance, and perhaps an escape from our busy lives by inviting all to step into a serene and joyful world. The bright colors in my work are meant to inspire, uplift and comfort the viewer. But I struggled with how to get my art out there beyond just my city.

That’s why Art Design Consultants and Blink Art Resource are so incredible! They have expanded the market for my art ten times what I could and the amazing exposure has resulted in numerous sales. Not only have I won an award the past three years at Art Comes Alive, but after the first month Blink was in the hands of designers both of the works I featured sold. Now my art is in corporate and private collections across North America.

This success and promotion of my art allows for buyers to recognize my work as an extension of me on a national scale. They can look at my art and say that must be a Marti Leroux, which is an endless well of encouragement for me to stay true to my brand as an artist! 

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