How I Did It Renato Foti


The Art of Balance: How I find time to do it all

Many artists will agree, crafting fine art is a laborious, intensive process and trying to sell it is a whole other story, especially in such a diverse and ever-changing world.  Many artists, including myself, end up falling into the production side of the business. For a short time, I was caught up in creating series after series of monotonous glass multiples. Don’t get me wrong, art production can be great, but I wasn’t doing what I loved or being challenged creatively.

The 2008 crash slowed business, so I saw an opportunity to refocus, and I returned to my fine art roots and back to a much more pleasurable creative process. I love to combine color, motion and texture into each of my pieces. I hand cut thousands of delicate glass tubes that I place and fuse together for each sculpture, which takes endless hours.

Since my creation process is time consuming I want to spend my free time traveling and with my family – not hard selling my artwork. But there are so many opportunities waiting out there! That’s why I was ecstatic when I first heard about Blink Art Resource. It was exactly what I needed to keep my focus on my art. Now, with Blink Art Resource marketing my work to the right people, and rather than me doing the talking, I just let my art speak for itself.  

For me and my art, it’s all about living and the journey. If I wasn’t able to have time with family and to travel, my artwork would not be what it is today – all the things I love in life, I just put back into my art. All of those crazy small lines – each one is a memory.

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