How I Did It Tom Owen

The Art of Discipline: How I regained belief in myself as an artist

Nearly every artist has the same story of living a 24 hour double life, that of the daytime working professional to supplement that of the nighttime working artist. I work full time in a corporate office setting to pay the bills, and I have to embrace a strong-willed, personal discipline of showing up in the studio every evening and most weekends.

I have painted all of my life but completely stopped in 2008. I was busy with work, family, and finishing a Master’s degree in psychology. I was completely drained of time and energy, which left my creative process void of the vigor I needed to put towards my art. I felt very discouraged and doubtful that I had any talent at all!

Then, a chance encounter with Art Design Consultants, ADC in early 2012 resulted in my painting again and ultimately entering their annual art competition and exhibit Art Comes Alive. I was awarded a gallery contract with ADC and have never looked back! ADC has helped me focus my art practice, build my resume and gave me the courage, inspiration and discipline to keep painting, stretching and growing as an artist.

And with the prestigious gallery representation at ADC and a national publication such as Blink Art Resource supporting and promoting my work, I have gained immense exposure resulting in sales across the United States – I went three years without a single sale and since Blink came out, traffic on my website is up and I have sold over eight works! More importantly though, I have regained belief in myself as an artist. 

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