Statement Art

March 2, 2017

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Residential design is all about letting personality shine through. Select room furnishings achieve bold looks, whether it’s the color choice of a velvet sofa, a prominent design pattern placed in the room, or a piece of statement art.

By statement art, we mean big, bold, and beautiful photographs, paintings, drawings, tapestries, or prints. The list of ways to anchor your room design with statement art is expansive. We’ve pulled several of our artists who work in a large-scale format to show you how much of a statement artwork can really make your interior.

We love statement art because it can impact a room in a BIG way!

ken elliot
Ken Elliot

Statement art keeps its “wow” factor, unlike smaller works that can get lost next to other items in the room. Let large artwork take center stage of the design. Just like the main character in a Broadway show, statement works are loud, demand the audience’s attention, and bring drama to your space. Intensify and complement the design patterns and color palettes you’re working with by incorporating large artwork to create high impact areas.


Statement art will always be the focal point of any room due to its sheer volume, so be sure to keep the remaining decor simple and use accent colors pulled from the artwork sparingly. While one large artwork creates a strong focal point in the room, it is easy to not leave enough room for the artwork to breathe. Overcrowding the work can leave your design feeling cramped and disproportionate to the rest of the room.

jill lear
Jill Lear

You can also keep your space clean and focused by working with a neutral palette everywhere but in the artwork. White or neutral-toned décor with a bold artwork front and center will look stunning without being visually overstimulating, and will make the artwork that much more of a statement!

annette cargill
Annette Cargill
dick waller
Dick Waller


Big art can come with a big price, so think of art as an investment piece in the way you think of high-quality furniture or large Persian rugs. These items will become heirlooms and will be passed down through generations, and no matter what the artwork is, quality is always in style and can be paired with trends.

kate taylor
Kate Taylor

For young collectors who don’t have the big bucks yet, but are still design-centric, consider reproductions.  High-quality prints are an inexpensive way to recreate the impact of statement art on a budget.

Maybe a six-foot canvas isn’t your style, or just doesn’t flow with the rest of your design. Oversized artwork doesn’t always have to be one single mass. Use artwork that consists of various panels to help break up an expansive wall and fill up the space. A grid of smaller panels can have the same bold impact, often at a less intimidating price point.


Often sculpture gets overlooked when selecting artwork for the home, but omitting sculpture in your search for the perfect statement piece is a design foul. Not only is sculpture beautiful and unique, it’s also highly versatile! Instead of arbitrarily filling that empty entry space with a table or planting another bush in your yard, look to include a piece of sculpture instead.

jonathan cox
Jonathan Cox

You can even incorporate statement art in the form of sculpture in places that you might not realize at first! Statement art can also come in the form of functional artwork like chandeliers, benches, and handrails, and when you upgrade an everyday design element to a work of art, you’re sure to make an impact on everyone who comes through your space!

Renato Foti